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delivery note in BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE

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I'm trying to do GR with purchase order using BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE, I need to fill in delivery note (I can fill in using MB01), however I can't find any field for delivery note in BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE, anybody knows which field need to fill in? or any other method to fill in?


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Hi ,

Use the following for Delivery note :


Please check this earlier thread in SDN:


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Dear Yean,

see the tables of the function module.

if you see the table of type


you have a field s



you can pass delivery note number and item number here.

This should help you.

pls do reward points and encourage if its helpful to you.



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I'm not doing GR with delivery note, I'm trying to do GR with PO, I already fill in goodsmvt_item-po_number and goodsmvt_item-po_item, I need to put in delivery note in addition of that. Before using BAPI, I'm using MB01 to fill in Delivery Note, Movement Type, Purchase Order, Plant and Storage Location.

Any suggestion?

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Dear yean you need to pass



is this your requirement or please be elobirative .

Hope this should help you.

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Thanks for all the input, I found the solution, I just need to fill in goods_mvt_header-ref_do_no.

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Thank you so much. Even i was searching for Deliver Note field.


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Hi All

I also need to update the delivery note (and also the quantity in the delivery note) using the BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE.

I tried filling the DELIV_NUMB DELIV_ITEM, as recommeded, but it didn't work out. Kindly sugest what is to passed here.

And finally I was able to update the 'Delivery Note' field by filling the field goods_mvt_header-ref_do_no in the BAPI.

But this worked only when I passed the Purcahse Order Number (as I am doing the GR against a PO) in goods_mvt_header-ref_do_no.

If I give any other value, it gives an error M7-036.

How shall I proceed, cause in the MIGO transaction, I am able to fill anything in the Delivery Note field, but using the BAPI, I can update this field only with the PO number.

Thanks & Regards,

Ankur Malhotra

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The 'BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE' internally calls the FM 'MAP2I_B2017_GM_ITEM_TO_IMSEG'.

adding the code in this FM by enhancement you can surely change the 'Quantity in delivery' Note along with the 'unit', provided if and only if the quantity to be posted in GRN (i.e. GRN Quantity) should be the same as Quantity in delivery note and its unit.

Just go to the FM 'MAP2I_B2017_GM_ITEM_TO_IMSEG' in subroutine ' map2i_b2017_gm_item_to_imseg'

create an enhancement and move the values of imseg- erfmg to  imseg-lsmng and  imseg-erfme to  imseg-lsmeh.

Code for the same is as follow:

IF imseg-erfmg IS NOT INITIAL.

     MOVE imseg-erfmg

     TO imseg-lsmng.


IF imseg-erfme IS NOT INITIAL.

     MOVE imseg-erfme

     TO imseg-lsmeh.



Abhijeet U