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Deletion programm

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As part of custom cleanup ,i want have a program that will delete all custom function modules starting with Z and Y from my Ec4 server.So please help me out in this.


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I dont think we have a direct command to programatically delete FMs. But you can try a workaround.

table TFDIR stores detailst for the FMs.

You can fetch all z fms from it.

Then you can use DELETE REPORT XXXXX , to delete the program associated with it.

Might work

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The workaround of sap wiz shall work. As alternative to DELETE REPORT you can use also function module RS_DELETE_PROGRAM.

Kind regards,

Jens Klingelhöfer

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You will have to write a custom program for this.

it invovles geting z functino modues from   v_fdir -> find it's fg -> scan fg source code for includes-> delete all includes ( inluding the fms i.e. FMs are also includes in FG ). -> delete the function group.

Regarding the logic check the mass download program in the link below. Check the logic how function group are scanned and all includes can be dtermined.

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Record the deletion of any z function.

use this recording in LSMW or BDC and delete all the z functions.

you can get the list of all the z functions from TFDIR.

Hope this helps.

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Some solutions

- Loop at function group, and use FM RS_FUNCTION_POOL_DELETE (use parameter SUPPRESS_POPUPS) You can find function group per function module in TFDIR (PNAME+4 or FUNCTION_INCLUDE_SPLIT) or directly access to function group in table TLIFG or via object direcory TADIR for R3TR FUGR objects.

- Loop at function modules in TFDIR and use RS_FUNCTION_DELETE (but you will then have to delete function groups)