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Date Field in o/p as i/p field

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Hi Friends,

I have Date field in o/p as i/p field.

I am reading this by using read line and updating this in internal table, but the date format is changing to handle it.

e.g report o/p screeen...Date value 09.02.2007

if i use read line it becomes like this 09.02.20

How to handle this.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks and Regards,

Murali Krishna K


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Increase the date field in the internal table to 10

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You might reading the date field from the List line into a 8 character field. try declaring the field as 10 byte field and transfer the list line date field into that variable.



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date datatype can hold only 8 digits. If u want to display it with require format

Use the size as 10 (or)

write: /(10) date using edit mask '__.__.____'..

It work either way.