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Data Transfer to Different Domain

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I have created a report for HR Module, In that iam downloading the current details from some of the tables, now iam downloading to local machine.

Now , my requirement is to download the text file to different domain . what shall i do?.


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What do you mean by different domain ?

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for example iam in a server called ,

i want store data to\saphelp.

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File Transfer Protocal (FTP) is a method of sending and receiving files. There are vast stores of files available worldwide through anonymous ftp. This makes FTP an essential tool to understand.

Background Info:

There are MANY methods for sharing information on the Internet. FTP is yet another. With FTP, however, the point is to have direct control over an individual file. You specify exactly where the file comes from and specify exactly where the file will go.

The most direct way to use FTP is to have a program designed to perform FTPs directly. A shareware program called WinFTP . Alternatively, if you have a Mac system, pick up your version of Fetch.

You can also use netscape to perform ftp tranfers. Just open a URL like the following one:

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we don't hv FTP server.

i need to store the file without rights.

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I understand that you need to transfer data from sap to another sap system. Is this ok?

If so, then the steps are as follows ( a general understanding ) :

Step 1 : Logical filename and physical file path has to be created in both the servers( for both inbound and outbound).

Step 2 : By executing Unix scripts the files can be moved from one server to another and are placed in specified inbound and outbound directories.

Step 3 : The scripts after placing the files in the specified directories will execute the linked background jobs.

Step 4 : The BG Jobs will have programs defined for processing the data .

There are various ways and this depends on the middleware used.

Hope this clear, for any queries , specify.

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Your name is so sweet.

Actually my requirement is , In each and every modification happenning in PA40 & PA30 iam executing a report to download a text file, now the text file is downloading in a local server, and iam having authorization for that server.

In my concern we have several domains (i.e) we have office's in 4 countries, if they modify anything in these tcodes that has to be stored in a common server , without asking for authorization .


we have different architecture in our server settings each person are in different domain, so the text file from their own domain to be saved to the common non sap server (i.e) windows server,

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no, actually i hv to download the text file from abap program to another nonsap server.

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