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Data transfer from one system to other system

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Can we validate or transfer data from one system to another system.I want to validate some fields between my company to an another company

if we take company X and company Y

from X company i want to validate Y company data and that too master data

and also how to block a customer in master table


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Hi Amit,

Data Transfer

The main purpose is that if u up date the date it is not validated or u need to validate all validations. in bdc the validations is taken care by screens, that’s why bdc is helpful


During data transfer, data is transferred from an external system into the SAP R/3 System. You can use data transfer when you:

Transfer data from an external system into an R/3 System as it is installed.

Transfer data regularly from an external system into an R/3 System. Example: If data for some departments in your company is input using a system other than the R/3 System, you can still integrate this data in the R/3 System. To do this, you export the data from the external system and use a data transfer method to import it into the R/3 System.

Implementation considerations

Before creating your own data transfer program, you should use the Data Transfer Workbench to find the data transfer programs that are delivered by SAP.


SAP applications support the data transfer of numerous SAP business objects. The data transfer program specifies the data format definition that is necessary to import the data into the R/3 System. Adapt your conversion program for exporting the data from the external system to this definition.

Once the data has been exported, you can import it into your system using a generated data transfer program.


Data transfer from other, external systems

Generation of data transfer programs

Generation of function modules that can be used as an interface to the R/3 System

Programming Techniques

With the programming interface of the background processing system, you can schedule and manage background jobs from your own programs.

You wish to make a log-running report available to users from a menu entry. In the transaction that underlies the menu entry, you could do the following:

optionally collect job specifications, such as the start date and time, from the user, and

schedule the job for execution by the background processing system.

You can use the programming interface to start both ABAP programs and programs that are external to the R/3 System.

Data Transfer Methods

You can use the following methods to transfer data:

Direct input: With direct input, the SAP function modules execute the consistency checks. However with batch input, these consistency checks are executed with the help of the screens. This means that direct input has considerable performance advantages.

CALL TRANSACTION: Data consistency check with the help of screen logic.

Batch input with batch input sessions : Data consistency check with the help of screen logic.

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use ale/idocs technique to transfer data from one system to another

you have setup RFC connection using sm59 to connect to remote

system to transfer data.

you can also use LSMW tool for your purpose

<i> how to block a customer in master table</i>

It is done at the account group level.

The path is as follows.


Here in every screen, you can control the nature fo the fields of CMR

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Hi Amit,

You can obviously transfer data between two companies using ALE/ IDOCS if they are in different clients or servers. Before sending or recieving you can validate the data and filter the data. There are two types of filtering allowed here Idoc filtering and segment filtering.

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