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Data Read from External Database to SAP

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Hi All,

My Requirement is to fetch the data from external database(INTERBASE) .

i hope for this i need to maintain an Entry in DBCON Table.

i Dont Have any BASIS Suppport Here.

So can anyone tell How to goahead with the REquirement.

My Code.

types:begin of ty_cal,

cl_cal(3) type c,

cl_s_descr(14) type c,

end of ty_cal.

data:i_test type standard table of ty_cal,

wa_test type ty_cal.

data dbtype type dbcon_dbms.

PARAMETERS dbs TYPE dbcon-con_name.

select single dbms from dbcon into dbtype where con_name = dbs.

exec sql.

connect to :dbs



Short text

Connection ID unknown

What happened?

The connection identifier points to the data in the table DBCON

needed to establish a connection to the database system in the

context of the multi-connect. However, there is no entry

with the key "ORA".


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You need to connect to the name of the database connection. In your case, use CON_NAME from table DBCON, not DBMS. Then you should be able to connect to it.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks for your Response.

Can you Explain me the Table Entries need to Maintain in DBCON table.

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In DBCON, the DB Connection (CON_NAME) is the name of the database connection. DBMS (in your example "ORA") refers to the type of database connecting to - Oracle, MS SQL, Informix, etc. Then there the user name and password, and the Connection Information (in our case, our Basis Admin has set up an alias) and then a couple of settings (permament, maximum number of connections and optimium number of connections).

You can maintain these entries in t-code DBCO.

Hope this clears thing up,


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Thanks for your response.

Am using InterBase DataBase .

So when i am trying add this entry in tcode DBCO i could not see my Database in the Search help.

Only i could See ADA,DB2,DB4,DB6,INF,MSS and ORA.

So how to add this DataBase???

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I don't know if it's possible to natively connect to that type of database. It may be close to another SQL standard, but I'm not a DB person. Have you checked OSS?

If a database connection is not possible, have you considered providing API's from the InteBase application that could retrieve the information you're looking for?

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Thanks for your time Mark.

I will check for OSS Notes.