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data is not displaying How to display the data in smartforms?

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Write the select query with SELECT SINGLE * instead of writing select single with field names.

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Make sure your select statement does return any data.

I'm pretty sure that it doesn't - when typing literal value for MATNR - consisting of numbers only - fill it with zeros on the left so that its 18 characters long - like this:

where MATNR = '000000001100000011'

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Please look at my attachment screenshot-18.png (187.0 kB). i have given right Material No.

That's what I have already done before - you are trying to compare MATNR with a value made of ten digits.

This may look like a right material number because this is what you can see in SAP GUI - but in the database it is stored as 18-digit number filled with zeros on the left.

Just fll it with additional zeros as I say and try.

Or put the following code after your SELECT statement if you are still not convinced:

if SY-SUBRC <> 0.
WA_MARA-MATNR = 'not found !!!'.