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data dictionary

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What is the column 'check table' in any data dictionary

table.Do you know there are two table related to some of the table,value

table and text table,value table can be seen in the value range of the

domain.How can we see the text table.


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check table is for foreign key relation ships...

the values for this field must be from the existing values in the check table specified...

eg: in MARC, the check table for MATNR is MARA which means that MARC-MATNR can have only those values which are there in MARA-MATNR. this is called the foreign key constraint.

i dont know of a sure shot thing but text tables are normally named as table name followed by TSTC holds the transaction codes and TSTCT holds the texts...

for info on text tables...follow this link...



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Text Tables

Table A is a text table of table B if the key of A comprises the key of B and an additional language key field (field of data type LANG). Table A may therefore contain explanatory text in several languages for each key entry of B.

To link the key entries with the text, text table A must be linked with table B using a foreign key. Key fields of a text table must be selected here for the type of foreign key fields (see Semantic Attributes of Foreign Keys).

If table B is the check table of a field, the existing key entries of table B are displayed as possible input values when the input help (F4) is pressed. The explanatory text (contents of the first character-like non-key-field of text table A) is also displayed in the user's logon language for each key value in table B.

Only one text table can be created for table B! The system checks this when you attempt to activate a table with text foreign keys for B.



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The purpose of creating text tables are for storing language independent data.

Ex: zmaterial


Material Number

For this, i have created text table and i need to maintain several langauge dependent text.

Text table :zmaterial_text


Material Number


Material Text

In foreignkey, You have to set check table zmaterial and key fields are mandt,material number.

Select foreignkey field type : Key fields of a text table.

The data will be stored as

Mandt Material Number Spras Material Text

100 10000 EN Sample Material

100 10000 DE <Material in DE language>