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customizing standard script f110_prenum_chck problem

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hello ,

i am working on  standard sap script f110_prenum_chck

in that 525 text element is skiping while debugging the script. 525 is for line items .

where it going to 526 text element

now we are printing line items in text element 526 .

here it is printing correctly.

but it is not for line items 526 is for payment advice.

in 526 also i am getting single line item but actual need is multiple .

for this requrement what what i have to do .

here i customizing standard sap script.


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The call to /E 525 or /E 526 comes from the driver program.  Check that in debug, you'll probably see a loop to output /E 525 and perhaps a loop for /E 526, or maybe it has ony a single text row to output.   The output reflects what is in the internal tables or structures being utilized by the driver program.  So the decision as to what to output comes from the data and the driver program logic.

May we know what you need to change on the prenumbered check Script?  SAP best practice is to copy the SAPScript to a customer version (Z), and enhance that with /: DEFINE /: PERFORM etc.,  and to leave the driver program as it is.  Alternatively one might consider a new driver and a new script, but beware, some of the outputs are very complex.

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Hi, Just cross checked the documentation of the standard cheque printing program RFFOUS_C. As mentioned, the element 525 is only for cheque not for payment advice. Make sure that you are selecting the suitable print control parameters on the selection screen of RFFOUS_C.

Go through the documentaion for more details. Hope this helps.