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Customer classification not working with CL_MD_BP_MAINTAIN

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I am using CL_MD_BP_MAINTAIN to create a new business partner. This is successfully and correctly created except for the classification data.

I fill both class assignments and valuations tables (in CUSTOMER-CENTRAL_DATA-CLASSIFICATION). Note that I don't fill the objnum and valcnt fields since this is for creation. The rest of the fields are populated.

I expect that the issue is regarding my program logic. However, I cannot find the place where the logic for classification is executed. I expect it to be in CVI_EI_ADAPTER=>PROCESS_CUST_CENTRAL_DATA but it isn't. I cannot find even the word "classification" inside the class CVI_EI_ADAPTER.

Does anyone know if it's possible to use classification with CL_MD_BP_MAINTAIN?



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Ended up using FM BAPI_OBJCL_CREATE after creating the BP to create the characteristics. Wonder why this functionality is missing from CL_MD_BP_MAINTAIN