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Custom table

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hi experts,

i have seen it almost many times, in many customization while interfacing with external system files, generally we use a custom table to get all the data into the SAP database and the work on them.

what would be the purpose and advantage of the process and can we not use an FM for the same process.

can u put some light on this.


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There is nothing wrong with a custom table, but for the transfer try transaction BAPI or SE37, etc => BAPI* => F4 to see your options.

Please read the documentation ( or open the menu Help => Application help.)



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It would have an advantage as you can validate the data in your custom table and then upload it into SAP tables using BDC/BAPI/FM/IDOC etc.Also at the same time you don't lose any data.The invalid data can be processed again.

This design has an disadvantage also. You may have too many redundant data in your ustom table which are never required.

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one more thing

which of the technique is more efficient as per performance...

which is more performance efficient from these two methods.