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Custom OM Infotypes

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I am having issues creating a custom OM Infotype. I created my HRI9000 structure in SE11 and then went to transaction ppci to create the infotype when I follow the steps to do this the screens and table entries are not getting populated automatically. I couldn't find any documentation on how to get it to do it automatically so I decided to create the screens and table entries myself. Now however, if I go to po13 to add this infotype to a position when I hit the save button nothing is happening. Any help on fixing this issue or the original issue of why the entries are not creating by themselves would be greatly appreciated.

PS I saw a previous article from a few years ago on this same issue of the screens not getting created but it was never answered.



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First delete the infotype from PPCI. Then click on Check and see if ALL the entries are deleted. You can delete the Table entries manually. If you are having trouble deleting the TADIR entries, follow these steps:

To delete the TADIR entries, Go to SE03 --> object Directory --> Change Object Directory Entries. Here Check all options and put the name of the corresponding TADIR entries that you want to delete in the right hand side boxes. Then execute.

After they are deleted one more time delete Infotype from PPCI. then when you check, all the TADIR entries should be non-existing.

Lastly delete the HRI9000 structure. Once all is deleted, create the Infotype from scratch.