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Custom IDOC to create XML file

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We are on 4.7 release.

A custom outbound IDOC type is developed to creates a text file at the location entered in FILE type port.

Now we want to create XML file intead of text file. Is it possible by simply changing the port to XML FILE port? Or do we need to do any modifications inside the FMs for the IDOC?

Similarly for Inbound scenario (using custom IDOC type), do we need any chagnes in FMs to handle IDOCS in XML file format?



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hi,you can use:

to convert idoc to xml.





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Thanks for the reply with a list of FMs

My question is: Do we need to have code for text to xml or xml to text conversion within the Inbound or outbound FMs for custom IDOC type? Or SAP does the conversion internaly when required, before calling Inbound or Outbound FMs for custom IDOC type?


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You can even do that conversion of idoc to xml by simple method

create a xml port and use the standard fm there

and it wud handle that.

u may like to refer this blog...



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Thanks for the replies.

I varified for outbound IDOCs, it is possile to create XML file by defining XML file port. No additional programming is required.

However for inbound IDOCs it seems it is not that simple. (there are no inbound settings for XML file port). I am going to try FM EDI_DATA_INCOMING or report RSEINB00 using filename and location in the XML file port.