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Custom IDOC changes in the IDoc structure

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HI experts,

I have made some changes in the Custom IDoc Structure

But when I have transported the changes like I have 5 fields in the custom IDoc I changed the data type of field 2 changing the length of that field to 132 but when i am executing that all the other remaining fields getting populated in that 2nd field. Is there any way this problem can be resolved

early answer is appreciated.......

advance thanks



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How did you change it?

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Well using the Tcode we31 going to the change mode I have changed the data element of the field but when i tested in one client it was working properly and when moved the changes to the testing environment everything is getting populated in that particular field which I have shanged the length is there any way to fix the problem.. early help is very much appreciated

advance thanks

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Looks like something didn't activate properly when you moved to your test system, because you said it is working in development system. Try to reactivate the IDOC type and see if it works. Check what is different in your development system vs your testing system. You said this is your custom IDOC type. Is there a custom function module that works with this? Did the changes to that function module move to the test environment? I am assuming you did your changes to the IDOC segment and also the corresponding program.


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Hi Srinivas,

I would like to confirm some things. First your IDoc struc had field2 which is of length less than 132 and then you increased it to 132. Now you are now using <b>WE19</b> to test your IDoc. The reference IDoc no. that you gave was the IDoc that had been generated while the length was less than 132.

If this is what you have done, then you will have this issue. I will tell you why. When you created the IDocs, this field was less than 132, then in the EDIDD-SDATA which is a character field of length 1000 bytes would have got filled with a different position.

Say for example you have two fields in a segmentthey are A(of lenght 10) and B(of length 20). When you create IDoc, EDIDD-SDATA(which actually contains data would have been like the following:

Say if A = 'ABC', B = 'DEF'


If you see it carefully it is a string of charachter where A starts at 1st and B starts at 11th position of the string. Now you changed length of A to 15. Then A would start from 1st Position upto 15th position while B starts from 16th upto 35. Hence when the WE19 tool extracts data from EDIDD, it extracts it as:

A = 'ABC DEF '

B = space

Hope this answers your question.



PS: Same will be the case with WE09 as well. The IDocs which was created before changing the length will still look distorted.

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