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Custom fields in Measuring Point with IMRC0002 and IMRC0003

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Hello guys,

I'm trying to create new fields in Measuring Point and Document. I found some threads here which lead to CMOD enhancements IMRC0002 and IMRC0003. So I made Customer Includes in tables IMRG and IMPTT. As I understand these two enhancements are screen exits. I have no experience with that. Where can I put the dynpro that should be called? I did not found any SAP documentation and any explanation about it here. Normally I know CMOD enhancements that give the dynpro so I only have to implement it but in this case I only get Function Codes. So where to put the corresponding dynpro?

Another question. Is it only possible that additional fields are displayed in separate screen when clicking on menu at the top or can I also put them into subscreen of main screen?