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Custom Container Text Editor not getting cleared in module pool screen

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I am using multiple text editor with custom containers in my module pool program for one of our client development. Whenever I open the screen, text gets display which should not happen.

Please check attached screen shots where how the texts are not getting cleared.

1. Below is the report... where highlighted row in which I double clicked on Plant

2. Below screen where current plant remark is = 'testing46'.

3. Now I have changed Plant Remark from 'testing46' to 'testingnew'.

4. Then I go back to main screen and selected new row as selected below.

5. When I double click on cell row in plant column, the same text 'testingnew' is showing which should not.

Please help how to clear the text editor during the initialization. I have tried CALL METHOD->FLUSH, FREE container editor, FREE text editor. But, could not resolved.


Amol Khochare


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How do you store the long texts in memory of your program, check the call of methods such as CL_GUI_TEXTEDIT->SET_TEXT_AS_R3TABLE or SET_TEXT_AS_STREAM during your PBO logic execution.

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as your explaination, that remark is taken from ALV selected line so i think you may have to look at the logic get data from ALV into text editor, not about free the container.

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What kind of CALL METHOD->FLUSH did you tried? cl_gui_cfw=>flush( ) ?

-- Tomas --

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I find that I have to re-instantiate them to clear the details unfortunately.

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Hi Richard,

I am having the same problem. When you say "re-instantiate" do you mean free the object and re-create it (FREE and CREATE OBJECT statements)?