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Cursor value on custom editor

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Hi All,

I have created a custom editor on the top half of a screen using FM 'RH_EDITOR_SET'.

I need to capture the cursor position on the editor (row and column).

Though below the editor the line no and col no as displayed (like in the ABAP editor), I am not able to capture them inside the program.

The GET cursor function does not work b'cos the screen element for the editor is a container. I also tried some system fields but none returns the value of the row no and column no on the editor on a screen.

Please suggest.

Thanks in advance,



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Actually I want to insert some code at a selected cursor position in the editor.

But the problem is that I have to choose a position on the editor and then have to click on a puch button to insert code at that position in the editor.

An example of this is like we call FM's from an ABAP program, select a cursor position in the editor and click on 'Pattern' the code gets inserted on that position.

I need a similar functionality.

Please let me know how we can achieve this on a custom editor.

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Hello Archana,

Please try calling the function module


As mentioned,i have debugged the action of insertion of pattern out of curiosity and found that this function module "GET_CURSOR" is called in OOPs..

The return parameters




will be will be able to insert your code at the location returned

which means -> on the push of the button this FM needs to be called

Please let me know if it worked out

All the best



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Thanks for the effort. I had tried doing that but it works in case you have an object created, but since I used the FM's it doesnt work.

However I have foudn a solution. I created the editor using class cl_gui_textedit and called the method get_selection_pos.

Thanks a lot