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Creating SPRO entries

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Hi All

Can you please let me is there anyway I can define customising entries and it reflects under standard spro entries for that specific application.

I have created the structure by using simgh transaction and have assigned the activities to application but it does not reflect alongwith standard spro entries...please help


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In 46C, I have completed a similar task.

I would like to know the logon language with which you created SIMGH entries. Because this works only in a logon german language in our system and it is a bug.

Please check this out and let me know if you need any help.

Best Regards, Murugesh AS

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Hi PP,

Go to transaction SIMGH and edit the structure "SAP Customizing Implementation Guide" if you want to add your structure in the root level or the corresponding level that you want your node to be in.

Then you have to use the button "Insert Activity as a subnode" and attach your custom structure to it.

Does it help?

Thanks, Debasish

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Hi Murugesh

I have creted it with logon language 'EN'.Please tell me what you did it to display your IMG structute to be displayed with standard SPRO entries...

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This creates a new link to a customizing table from IMG.

Here are the steps:

1. Logon in German and execute 'SIMGH'.

2. Select the IMG structure where you like to add the node. Normally this will be available in 'favourites'.

3. Create a New IMG Node: In the Dynpro "Einführungsleitfaden ändern" mark the parent-node in which you want to create the new node.

In the menu select: ..Bearbeiten.. Knoten.. IMG-Aktivität einfügen.. Eine Ebene tiefer

Fill in the ID in Field 'ID' and the field 'Bezeichnung'

In the field 'ID' insert the name of the Customizing table, in 'Bezeichnung' fill in the description, which should appear later in the IMG-tree.

Let the Fields 'Dokumentenklasse' and 'Dokumenten-Name' blank and change to the folder 'Pflegeobjekte'.

At the folder 'Pflegeobjekt' fill in the tablename in the field 'ID' and give a description in the field 'Beschreibung'

In 'zugeordnete Objekte' insert the Table in the field 'Customizing Objekt' 'S' for table or 'V' for View in the Field Typ. Fill in the transaction for maintaining the table in the field 'Transaktion'.

4. Maintain attributes: Go to the folder Attribute, maintain the required attributes.

5. You can save this in a developement class giving a Transport Request.

6. In the end you maintain your translations in English.

7. After testing, Release the TR and transport the TR to target system.

Hope the above steps help you.

Best Regards, Murugesh AS

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What I did is while updating some information in table TRESC I accidentally change the structure of SPRO (dont know how), SPRO is not showing SIMG_ALL now is showing SIMG_SEM_BCS.... what can i do to see the SIMG_ALL again when I go to the SPRO??

please help!