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creating mantainance view

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Hi all

I need to create a view combining data from several tables (a lot). I read documentation about it and I understood that, if my requirement is to create relationship in outer join (and this is my case) I need to create maintainance view.

I really don't need "MANTAIN".. I need just for reading, but creating just a database view, "outer" condition fails.

So I created mantainance view and I activated it. But I cannot use in program or for reading table content. If I try to click on button to see tables content (from SE11), a message tells me:

No database view exists for view ZALLPDATAO

Where ZALLPDATAO is mantainance view I created.

Can someone explain me what am I missing and where I am wrong please?



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Please check if this is similar to your case..



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Please check if this is similar to your case..


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thanks .. I will try to use TMG

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Why don't you try transaction SQVI? It is only for reporting and is simpler and quicker than a query. It has a graphic interface to choose your joins. It may be limited for what you need but if it works you can also convert it to a query and do more.

I use it a lot when testing my programs to verify the data I get.

Only disadvantage is the lists you create are only visible to you.

Hope this helps.


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Hi & thanks

It's a really usefull tcode I did not know. Thank you very much I'll use it. Just a question: do you know if it's possible to avoid limitation of table can be used once? I have a table with same type data more times on a single row and want to bind it to their description that is on same table...

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I am not sure I understand. You want to repeat the same table two times in the same join?

One thing you can do if you have authorisations is create a view in SE11 with some of the tables you need.

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thanks. It was exactly what I was talking about. In SQVI cannot use same table two times (and for description table is a problem).

It seems working using view basing on same table

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just last question: is it possible to create report or extract abap code of query created ?

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You cannot generate code directly from an SQVI query.

You need to first convert the SQVI to a query (SQ01, SQ02) then you can generate code.

But I would be careful with this option. Code generated by a query is complicated.

Best thing is to write a program then use the query to verify the outcome of your pgm.