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creating idoc for delivery with rejected line item on sales order

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Hello Friends,

i have a requirement in that i have to create idoc for those line item also which is rejected on sales order. the segments are e1edl24 and some child segments,

i have written the code but the problem is , if i ahve three line 10 20 and 30 in which 30 is rejected .so idoc will have parent segment e1edl24 and its child segments but in my case for line item 10 its ok but in line item 20 its filling data only for e1edl24 and rest its child segments are being filled with line item 30

i have written code on 'when 'E1EDL24' .

if anyone have come across this kind of requirement please share the solution.




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Hello Vikash,

I tried to recreate here but all seems fine.
May be try this way:
1). Create order for all three items. In debug download IDOC_DATA internal table on your machine in excel file.
2). Create similar order and reject third item this time. IN debug we must be able to see two E1EDL24 segments for items 10 and 20
Now, remove your custom development and append E1EDL24 segment for item 30 in IDOC_DATA from the excel file you saved in step 1.

3). Check if the generated idoc is the desired one.
4). Then you can code to simulate what you append manually in IDOC_DATA in step2.

-Amit K