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Creating data-entry grids on user screens.

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How do I create a data entry grid on a user screen?

I'm used to only doing select-options screens.

The grid only has to be two rows. The first row ID's Custno, GLAcct... The second row denotes the value of the prior field.

Both the 'Field' Field and the 'Value' Field require variability- like a drop down option.


<u>FIELD ____ VALUE</u>

CUSTNO _ 1001

CUSTNO _ 2000

GLACCT _ 160000

I don't have trouble identifying the code for the variability, like I would imagine it would be something close to :

select-options Field for ZTable-SearchFld

I just don't know how to code the layout. The layout would be something similar to transaction oac2.

Please help if you have suggestions/ suggested reading.



Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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transaction oac2 is what we call a generated table maintenance program. You can generate this by going to SE11, Utilities, Table Maintenance Generator. This is only for transparent tables that you want to directly update. This handles almost no error checking. The code behind this is just a table control. You can create a table control on any dynpro via the table control wizard.

Does your Z table need error checking, if not, then I would suggest the table maintenance generater.

Once generated, you can tie this to a transaction code.

Or you can then maintain the table thru SM30.


Rich Heilman

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Select-options is only used for report selection. if you need something similar to OA2C, the table maintenance generator will do the trick (via SE11 - Utilities->Table Maintenance Generator). Otherwise, you will need someone to do a Dialog program which make use of Table control. hope this helps.


Kelvin (Mabuhay!)