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Creating and maintaining BOM positions' long texts (+)

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I'm trying to use CSAP_MAT_BOM_MAINTAIN function module to create and maintain BOM positions' long texts. I fill <i>T_LTX_LINE</i> table with the text's strings, but it doesn't work!

How should I fill this table, to make FM work correctly?

Is there any other way to maintain and create these long texts (maybe, using <i>SAVE_TEXT</i> function module)?


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Hi Cyrill,

I can't comment on the CSAP_MAT_BOM_MAINTAIN function module as I haven't used it. But if you continue to have problems with this approach then you will be able to use the SAVE_TEXT function module.

The key thing is to populate the HEADER parameter correctly. It has the structure THEAD.

You will need to determine the correct TDOBJECT (this will be fixed) TDNAME (this will be a concatenation of the material and item), and TDID (this will be fixed).

To determine these values, just save a text manually on a BOM item (using the CS12 transaction), and then look in the table STXH. Search for your username for the corresponding date and time and you will find the corresponding entry. This will enable you to set the correct data when calling SAVE_TEXT from your program.

Hope that helps.