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Created a new TR but got saved without a target system.

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I created a new TR and it got saved without a target system.Now it is appearing a local request in SE01.

Now I am creating another request for the same objects in the TR but it is not allowing me to create a transport request


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Goto se01

enter the TR number

go to change mode of the TR

enter the target system name as desired.

release the task & request

Let me know if you are struck.


Vijay V

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That TR is already realesed.

Now I am making one more TR to make the changes but it is not allowing me to save in the Transport..

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what is the error you get ?

Try to add the object via se03 / se01 and do a consistency check on the request.

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It is saying you can only save these objects to local workbench requests.

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check if the object is in a correct package with right transport paths.

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While creating a new TR via SE01, the target system is always specified by default say for example 'QAS' or 'PRD'.

If it is not specified, you must select it manually from the F4 list. If F4 list does not contain any values for target system, this means that no target system is yet configured in SAP. In such cases, please contact your BASIS consultant.



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Try this check the package in which your code is saved.

Goto SE80->select package from the drop down list and type your package bleow.

Your package will be displayed.

In the properties tab of your package check the Transport layer field and set it to correct value.

Now again try to save your code it will be saved in your TR.



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I think your object is saved in $tmp package.. (Local Object), So please change your package , assign it to new package and

change the request number , It will allow you. make sure you are using the same User Id using which you have created the



Create Transport of copies and set the correct target system. Include your object (or released tr)

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Hello Prachidangi ,

Possible reasons for error and its resolution.

Object is getting saved in Local TR request rather than a Workbench TR-> this is because the Transport layer is not set for the package to which this object belongs to/ wrong TR layer is assigned.


Check for consistency/syntax errors and also inactive objects before releasing any TR as this would capture most of the issues related to TR(including package/transport layer assignment).

Check whether the transport layer is assigned for the package to which object belongs to and make changes, do the above check and try releasing them.

If the object does'nt ask for TR, check whether object is saved in any proper package other than local package($tmp).

Object saved in $tmp will not ask for TR while changing objects.

Hope this helps you!!


M M Jaffer.