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Create BADI for T.Code F-51 In FI

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Hi Experts,

I'm used to Class CL_EXITHANDLER and Method GET_INSTANCE to search BADI for T.Code F-51 but I'm not found nothing BADI.

Now i want to create a BADI for it and Add one Field screen on Screen of T.Code F-51.

Please guid me how to do it ?

Thanks so much,



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These many BADI's are availbale. We can implement any of these but not very sure whether we can create any BADI.

Business Add-in

AC_QUANTITY_GET Transfer of Quantities to Accounting - Customer Exit

ADJUST_NET_DAYS Change to Net Due Date

FBAS_CIN_LTAX1F02 Tax interface

FBAS_CIN_MF05AFA0 EWT - Downpayment Clearing - Tax transfer for CIN

FISPLIT Online Split: Cash Discount, Exchange Rate Differences

FI_AUTHORITY_ITEM Extended Authorization Check for Document Display (FB03)

FI_DOC_DISP_LI Diversion to Document Items (FB03)

FI_FB08_SUBST_BUDAT FB08: Check Posting Date for Reversal of FI Doc. with FB08

FI_GET_INV_PYMT_AMT BAdI for determining the payment amount for an invoice

FI_HEADER_SUB_1300 Screen Enhancement for Document Header SAPMF05A

FI_PAYREF_BADI_010 BAdI: Payment Reference Number

FI_RES_ITEM_CURRENCY Document of Residual Item with Invoice Currency

FI_TRANS_DATE_DERIVE Derive BKPF-WWERT from Other Document Header Data

BADI_ENJ_ALT_ADR Go to alternative vendor/customer data

BADI_F040_SCREEN_600 Screen Enhancement on F040 0600 Document Header

BADI_FDCB_SUBBAS01 Screen Enhancement 1 on FDCB Basic Data Screen (010, 510)

BADI_FDCB_SUBBAS02 Screen Enhancement 2 on FDCB Basic Data Screen (010, 510)

BADI_FDCB_SUBBAS03 Screen Enhancement 3 on FDCB Basic Data Screen (010, 510)

BADI_FDCB_SUBBAS04 Screen Enhancement 4 on FDCB Basic Data Screen (010, 510)

BADI_FDCB_SUBBAS05 Screen Enhancement 5 on FDCB Basic Data Screen (010, 510)

RFESR000_BADI_001 BAdI for Own Processing of POR Item

BADI_MIRO_SPLT_ADD Append additional fields of ACCVS to ACCIT

BADI_PRKNG_NO_UPDATE BAdI for Deactivating Update of Parked Documents

FVFZ Replacement for Function Modules of Function Group FVFZ

F050S008 FIDCC1, FIDCC2 Inbound IDoc: Update Comparison Ledger

INVOIC_FI_INBOUND BADIs for Inbound IDoc INVOIC FI (Vendor Invoice)