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COSSD and COSPD tables for network activity

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Hi I'm trying to extract the actual costs given a WBS element:

I query AUFK by matching the PSPEL and get all the AUFK-OBJNR related to that WBS element.

Some of these are orders (OR) others are network activities (NP)

If I query COSSD and COSPD tables by matching the COSSD-OBJNR and COSPD-OBJNR i get the actual costs for the orders, but i don't get any results for the network activities. Is there an equivalent table for network activities?

Many thanks



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I recommend the COEP table for CO actual expenses; it includes network activities.

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Yes I know about the COEP table :), I was looking for something with more aggregated data

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Did you also

  • Look for any cost posted vs the WBS object (PRPS-OBJNR)
  • Look at tables COSS and COSP (When cost are not 'Settlement entries')