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Copying an Itab to clipboard and pasting it to a range, joins the colums. How do I prevent this?

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Hi, I need to export an internal table to an excel file. Therefore I am using ole2_objects.

First I passed the values cell by cell, which worked like intended but had very poor performance. Even small tables took more than 10 minutes. So I did some research on how to solve the performance issue and came across the solution, to put the itab into the clipboard and then paste it to a range in ole2.

I did it like in this example only changing the row in which the range starts, since the first rows do have a picture:

But now I have the problem, that in the excel file all the data from the different columns is concatenated and written as a string into the first column.

So for example if I have an Itab, where the first line looks like this: | A | B | C | the output in the excel file will look like this: | A B C | | |

My guess is, that either the method cl_gui_frontend_services=>clipboard_export writes the data to the clipboard in a way, where the ole2_objects don't recognize that there are different columns, or the paste process to the ole2_object is missing some kind of additional info. But I can't find anything on either of those topics.

How can I prevent the data from getting concatenated into a single column, when exporting it to clipboard and pasting it to the ole2_object?

Or is there an alternative to the method cl_gui_frontend_services=>clipboard_export, that I am using?


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You are using OLE, ouch, not a good idea !

But well, if it's just for very simple action, you might continue using it, just add a tab character between each column, because Excel should interpret it when you paste.