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Copy multiple Roles at a time

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Is there some way to copy multiple Security Roles(PFCG) into new Roles?

I do not want to copy several roles into 1 role(composite role)

Rather, I want to make copies of several roles at one shot.

Currently PFCG allows only copying 1 role into a new role


Edited by: Gautam Poddar on Feb 21, 2008 11:13 AM


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Hi Gautam,

Can you please elaborate on your question? you want to copy actual roles or only authorization objects.If you want to copy roles,only composite roles which can contain those single roles.



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Instead of copying Multiple role into single role and put extra effort, try and create a composite role and add multiple single role into this composite role.

This will work as per your requirement but in this case if you change in any of the role, this will reflect in composite role also.


- gaurav

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if you want to cerate multiple copies of multiple roles there ia only one solution:

When available use CATT if not Use LSMW



I use a little workaround to copy a set of single roles at once:

1. create a new composite role

2. add the roles a want to copy into this composite role

3. copy the composite role

4. a popup asks me, if I want to copy the single roles as well. A-->YES!

(thats the trick).

5. Now a popup appears with the list of all single roles of that comp. role. In the right window I add the new names of the single roles.

6. After the copy is done, I remove the new single roels from the new composite role and delete the new composite role (and the same of course for the old composite role without deleting the old single roles)

b.rgds, Bernhard