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Convert value from CHAR 35 to CHAR10 in SELECT statement

Hi All,

I am fetching one field from DB table which is of length CHAR35 and I want to use the same in another SELECT statement via FOR ALL ENTRIES where field name of 10 character is being compared with field of 35 characters.

I don't want to use offset method but wanted to convert CHAR35 field into CHAR10 field using CAST operator in SELECT statements. I searched couple of threads on SDN but couldn't help.

Can anyone suggest.

Thanks !!


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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You can try using the LEFT function in the SELECT statement to convert the CHAR35 field into a CHAR10 field. This will extract the 10 leftmost characters of the CHAR35 field and return it as a CHAR10 field. Syntax:

SELECT LEFT(<char35_field>, 10) 
FROM <table_name>

For example:
SELECT LEFT(field_name_35, 10) 
FROM table_name

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What is your ABAP version?

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TYPES: BEGIN OF ys_demo,

material TYPE char10,
END OF ys_demo.

DATA: lt_mat TYPE TABLE OF ys_demo.


SELECT matnr AS material FROM mara INTO TABLE lt_mat.