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Convert to ASCII characters

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We are extracting information, such as article descriptions to send to some legacy systems. These systems can only accept ASCII characters (space, A-Z, 0-9, a-z, and the standard characters on the US keyboard). These are decimal values 32 through 126 or hex values 20 through 7E.

SAP apparently allows entries of decimal values 127 and greater (such as ½).

We need to either remove or convert such characters to spaces.

Is there a function to do this? Or some simple command?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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If you are uploading data from a file then you can use

CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_INPUT to change the type according internally.

If you are downloading data into a file then you can use CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_OUTPUT to change the type.

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Thank you both for your suggestions but I couldn't get any of these functions to do what I want.

We have a description for an article that includes "Size 7 ½". The ½ symbol causes a problem with interfaces to some of our legacy systems.

I know I can replace the ½ symbol with a space, but eventually some user will use yet another symbol (such as ¼) and I don't want to try to create a replace for each of these symbols.

I would like to investigate the decimal or hex equivilent of each character and replace those out of range.

Is there any function that would allow this?


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I wasn't able to find a function that check for ASCII characters. So I wrote a routine that checks each character of a string to be sure it was between space and a tilda (~).