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Convert Spool Order to PDF

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Hi all,

I´m using the function "CONVERT_OTFSPOOLJOB_2_PDF", this function convert a spool order to PDF file, with this function Can I separate in several PDF file only one spool order?.

For example if in one spool order I have 5 pages, I need separate the pages, in one pdf file the page 1 to 2 and in another one the pages 3 to 5, it is this possible.




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Hi Jhon,

What you can do is actually create multiple spools from the original spool. Then create PDFs of each of these original spools.

If you read the spool in using the function RSPO_RETURN_SPOOLJOB, you can then split it up (according to your own criteria) and call function CONVERT_OTF_2_PDF for each section.

Take a look at the program Cerish wrote in the following thread (down the bottom):

Cerish actually merges two spools into one PDF, but you can use the same logic to split a spool and create multiple PDFs.

Hope that helps.


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Brad, thank for your help.

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No problem Jhon, seems that you got it working. Good to see.