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Convert floating numbers with exponents

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Hi all

I have a floating point value 1.4147483939E10


I want this number as 141.474 54.684

How can this be achieved ?

Note:- I have already tried moving the value to a p type variable of p decimals 3 and it's not serving the purpose

It's a include within a standard program and the fixed point arithmetic is not checked


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Us like this

IF var CP '*E+*'.

* --> Move to Float

DATA(lv_float) = CONV imrc_recdv( var ).

here imrc_recdv is a floating type

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You didn't understand the solution that Matthew gave you in your previous question.

  • "Since you can't change the standard program, the simplest thing to do is put your logic into a separate class with methods. Make sure the class has "Fixed point arithmetic" set in the properties.
  • Call your method from the include."

You'd better continue a discussion, and ask question or confirmation if you don't understand.