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Conversion Routine for standard Domain (BUKRS) to be used in standard programs

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Hi community,

My business requirement is the following:

Several Company Codes have been created in our installation and yet many more will be opened in the future. For the moment, we are using only numeric digits to form company codes. However, since a hierarchy is hiding in the company codes, the two first digits are wasted. This narrows our available number of company codes dramatically (from 10K to 0.1K). So, we decided to involve alphabetic characters into our company codes form. The problem is that our installation is spread over several countries. Due to that geographic spread, several languages and code pages are involved during every day user data entry. Hence, in certain cases even if the user enters something that is showing the same as the one should to, in fact is something different. Example: Greek users when press [R] the system displays ‘P’ which is the corresponding letter in Greek alphabet but it shows absolutely identical to what a user in UK sees when presses [P]. This confusion, although is not harming the integrity of entries (since the creation of new company codes is centralized and absolutely controlled), however is very bothering to every day work.

The question is, if there is any way, so that a conversion mechanism to be triggered whenever a user enters a company code into system screens, in order to correct the entry automatically according to specific rules. I am familiar with domain conversion routine concept, but unfortunately, here we are dealing with the standard domain BUKRS and I have a feeling it’s not a good idea to alter it attaching a conversion routine.

Any better ideas?