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CONVERSION_EXIT_INVDT_INPUT dependent on user parameter for date format

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Hello ABAP Gurus,

I have this program which uses this CONVERSION_EXIT_INVDT_INPUT.

The problem is when my user profile for date format is changed from MM/DD/YYYY to any other format the program will get an error saying that there is an invalid date format.

I think this FM is dependent on the defined date format for a user.

What can I possibly do with it?

Thank you!



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Hi Onyx,

yes, that function is dependent of the date format of the user.

I don't understand what your doing, but if you want to use the function anyway you'll have to convert the date to the external format. If your date is somewhere in internal format a simple "write l_in_date to l_out_date" should suffice.

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Yeah, its true.. the FM is dependent on teh user profile for date format... WRITE statement is just okay.