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convention name of adobe form SAP archive in content server



I have an enhancement to develop that concern invoice form archive on SAP directory.

Each time an invoice form is triggered, the form should also be archive in pdf format on SAP directory only for a type of customer.

For administration customer, the invoice form will be generated through ZXXX message output and will be archive in SAP repository through the archive link configuration

  • 1.Configure content repository (transaction code OAC0)
  • 2.Define document type code and document format (transaction code OAC2)
  • 3.Define links between the document type and the content repository (transaction code OAC3)

The pdf file should respect a convention name which is the concatenation of following values

Company code + invoice no -- > eq 1010.1010010101.pdf

My problem is that how to give the naming convention of adobe form in driver program , before saving in content server ?


Kavin K