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Continuous confirmation of Transfer order items

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Hi, I have a custom program where I have to continuously confirm TO line items one after the other which is displayed in the ALV. The user scans the SU for each item and clicks on confirm button and the TO item should get confirmed. I'm using the FM L_TO_CONFIRM with commit as 'X'.

All works fine when confirming a single TO item but when the user scans multiple SU and tries to confirm multiple items one after the other, the FM gives an error message. At this point we have to come out the custom program and then re-execute it again, scan the same SU and try confirm the same TO items, the items get confirmed.

I believe the FM is not getting initialised to process the next entry and it still has the previous data in its buffer or something and that's why its giving error. I tried putting DESTINATION 'NONE' as I read that it creates a separate session for the process and returns back but still the error occurs. Its not happening consistently and it's very random but when we come out of the prog and re-execute for the same dataset, the errors wont appear and the item gets confirmed.

What can be done here to make sure that the FM or whatever buffer or cache the system is using gets cleared so that the next item gets processed without any errors?


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Hello deepak_2808

You could not fully grasp what your problem is, but have a look at the note 447328 - L_TO_CONFIRM - Interface documentation that explains how to call L_TO_CONFIRM for various scenarios.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

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Hi Dominik, This was the note we referred for 2 step confirmation and we are passing values as suggested in the note. The issue is not when confirmation but when continuously confirming TO items. The standard FM data is not getting refreshed to process the next entry.

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from my point of view, if you want to confirm several items at the same time, don't use i_commit_work parameter but call explicitly a COMMIT WORK after call function.
To be tested.

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Hi Stanislas, I even tried what you suggested by not putting i_commit_work and calling commit work and wait explicitly, we still get these errors. There is even a wait of 5 seconds after commit wait.