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Content of SAPScript Symbol

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I have a problem printing an SAPScript-Symbol &wa_zpp_pro_auf-TEXT& which is of TYPE CHAR with lenght 70, that is the type of an SAPScript text name object. The structure wa_zpp_pro_auf has the type of a table defined in the Dictionary. The Debugging shows that the field of the structure ist filled and the syntax of the textelement is correct. If I directly write the name of the textobject in the SAPScript text it is printed without problem. So there is a problem transfering the data from ABAP to the SAPScript document. Has anybody an idea where the problem can be. Thanks.

Regards, Lars.


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Choose FORM->CHECK->TEXTS when you are in SE71 looking at the SAPScript. Make sure that Symbol check is selected. That will compare the text symbols with the print program to see if there is an issue there. Do you need it to be all caps?

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Then Change it according to Table definition.



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Hi Lars,

are you trying to dynamically print the contents of a text element which you have the name of in variable &wa_zpp_pro_auf-TEXT&? I'm not sure you can do that. If you refer to &wa_zpp_pro_auf-TEXT& I think you will just have the name of the text element rather than the actual text contents. Maybe there's some way to have a dynamic 'include'?

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if it is a dynamic include that you want you can actually

do it,

use: /: INCLUDE &wa_zpp_pro_auf-TEXT& OBJECT TEXT ID ST

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