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Consuming Web services in ABAP(How to avoid giving user id and password?)

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Hello Experts,

I wrote a code to consume web services in sap standard class.

While executing it, it is asking for user id and password for authenticating with the web service created by Python team.

It is working fine if i provide those authentication details in that pop up.

Now,I need to assign those user id and password internally.No pop should raise while executing the transaction.

Where can we provide those user id and password to avoid that pop up?

Please suggest me some solution.


DNR Varma


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hmmm.... I think you might be in the wrong area for this. Look around in the (SOA) forum.

but, if you're saying you created the consumer, I would say tell the Python guys to shut off that level of security.

however, if you HAVE to pass the user id & password I'd recommend taking a look at the link below and

further review their wsdl definition for what it's requiring.

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Hi Varma,

You have to use the Single sign-on url link to open aweb servise in the code.



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Hello Naresh,

Thanks for the reponse!

I got the url of wsdl which was created by Python team.

When I open it in the browser, it is asking for user id and password.

After passing those, wsdl code is getting displayed(in xml format).

I have created proxy class using that url and

created logical port using that proxy class with LPCONFIG tcode in which we don't have any provision to specify logon details.

I am using these proxy class and logical port in my code.

While executing that code, it is asking for user id and password.

You mentioned that I have to use single sign-on url link to open the web service.

How can I get that url? And how to use it in my code?


DNR Varma

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Hello Varma,

using LPCONFIG (which is deprecated from Release 7.1 on and is replaced by transaction SOAMANGER) you have the option to use a http destination instead of direct url. The http destination is defined in transaction SM59 and can cover logon credentials like username and password or client certificates.



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Hi dnr_verma,

Please follow below steps.

1. select ur service in SOAMANAGER tcode.

2. now click on create logical port.

3. Enter Port name and desc.

4. in the section "WSDL Location" in pop up window , you enter URL for WSDL access , user name , password.

5. Click on apply setting.

6. Now u will be returned to the mail window .

7. Now click on SAVE. A msg will appear at top of browser saying "binding saved".

8. Now test ur service.


Jitendra soni