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Connectivity between SAP ERP and an online document archive

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Hi all,

I have a question belonging to the connectivity between SAP ERP and an online document archive.

We are assigning documents to customer sales orders, SAP_OBJECT = VBAK. The problem is that we have a high number of sales order items and also a high number of one type of document and the user will get a large list of objects. The description in the list only contains the type of document e.g. 'Invoice' but no information e.g. to which sales order item this document had been assigned or maybe about invoice number or invoice date. In the worst case the user has to check each of the items of the list if it is one of the relevant documents. The customer will accept a change only of the description in the attachment list.

How can I modify the content of that column of the attachment list without any programming on WEB level?

Thank you for your time in advance.




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Additional information:

The document for the archive will be created by a SMARTFORM. For this I supply data for SMARTFORM function module for the parameters


function = 'DARA'.
mandant = sy-mandt.

deldate = '99991231'.

object = 'VBAK'.
ar_object = 'ZSDFAKT'.

notiz = <-- detailed information

object_id = <-- related sales order number


   sap_object = 'VBAK'.
   ar_object = 'ZSDFAKT'.
   archiv_id = wa_arc_params-archiv_id.
   doc_type = wa_arc_params-doc_type.
   mandant = sy-mandt.
   report = wa_arc_params-report.
   info = wa_arc_params-info.
   datum = sy-datum.
   arcuser = w_nast-usnam.
   printer = w_nast-ldest.
   formular = wa_arc_params-formular.
   archivpath = wa_arc_params-archivpath.
   version = wa_arc_params-version.
   acheck = wa_arc_params-acheck.

The data for wa_arc_params I determine with function module  GET_PRINT_PARAMETERS

ARCHIVE_INDEX_TAB wont be filled.

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Are you passing the archive parameters in smartform function module?



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Hi Sree,

Yes, I do.



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Additional question and information

The online archive is a d3 by d.velop.

Another possibility to solve the problem could be if the function module which starts the SMARFORM will return the  SAP ArchiveLink: Dokument-Id which will be stored in table TOA01, column ARC_DOC_ID. But unfortunately I could not find any field inside the export structures of that function module which could do this in any way.

If there would be such a field we could store the value in our customer defined protocol table to get an unique mapping between the object parameters of the document and ARC_DOC_ID of the archive document. This would make us able to assign document information of the archive to the detail information of the related SAP ERP document unique.

But, how the will return the information and does it return the information in any way?

Thank you for your time