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Conflict between CAT2 and ESS Record Time

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Does anyone know how to set up security to allow someone to record time through ESS while prohibiting that person from recording their own time through transaction CAT2 in ECC? Our Payroll Department uses CAT2 to record/correct time for the entire company, but they are prohibited from recording/correcting their own time through CAT2 due to SOD violations. Prohibiting them from recording their own time in CAT2, however, also prohibits them from recording their time through ESS. We've tried using two login IDs for each Payroll user, but that did not work because each would have to be linked to the user ID so you end up with two IDs that can either record their time through both CAT2 and ESS or neither. We're also aware of context-sensitive based security, but we've been told that would require redoing all of our security roles, so we're trying to avoid it. Does anyone know of another way to achieve what we're trying to achieve?


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Why is time recording an SoD and if so why is ESS not an SoD?

Probably because the ruleset does not include the webservice but only the cat2 tcode... in which case you might as well create zcat2 which calls cat2 without skip first screen --> no SoD anymore...