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Conditions one should ensure that no license cost is incured for communication with NON SAP apps

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HI ,

We have customers who still run the ECC version of SAP . They have plans to upgrade but have not migrated till date.

what are our options to pull data from these systems and push data back to these system without impacting the license cost .

If some one can explain in detail what all needs to be ensured while doing such activities, it would be a great help to me.


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Hello amitashok

You have not provided much details on the integration scenario you are contemplating. Still let me share some insides even though I'm not a SAP license specialist.

If you think about one time operation of getting a data from one system and putting it to a SAP system, you should not have any licensing issues. That would be a regular data conversion/migration step that is part of each and every implementation project.

However if you need to hook up a 3rd party system to SAP permanently and transfer data on regular basis, then you face a risk of what's call "indirect usage". By that SAP means that a user of 3rd party system that sends data to SAP system is in fact using SAP functionality. They use SAP indirectly, but still using it. Therefore each user of the 3rd party system should also be a licensed, named user of the SAP system. See the indirect use case of Diageo from couple years ago:

You may want to explore SAP digital access license topic:

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski


Hi Dominik Tylczynski ,

Thanks for your response .

Let me share the details with you .

I have an weight bridge automation system which needs PO details so that it can process the vehicle coming to the weight bridge and then post back the data for GRN . This is going to be a continuous process which i can run in a asynchronous manner by taking the data every six hours and posting back the data once every day .

Kindly guide what is the most cost efficient way to do such a process with SAP.


Amit Ashok

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You have a two way interface here that gets data from SAP and posts them back as GRN. Getting data from SAP should not impact your license terms. However posting data back to SAP is a risk of an indirect usage. Not being SAP license specialist and not knowing your specific license terms I am not able to give you precise guidance. However out of a common sense I'd say that the risk is low. It's not like you are hooking up a bunch of 3rd party users to an SAP system. I'd suppose that if a person supervising the weight bridge has an SAP user that would cover it from licensing terms.