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Concatenate variables storing table/field names

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Hi All ,

I want to concatenate the values stored in fields of structure EQUI . I am reading these fields from a z table . For example :

My Z table has 2 columns  -  ZTAB & ZFIELD with following 2 records :

                                              EQUI   ERNAM

                                              EQUI   AEDAT

At run time , I have access to EQUI structure .On reading the above ztable I got 2 lines in my internal table it_ztable .

Now what I want  system should read values of above fields from EQUI structure and  concatenate values of  EQUI-ERNAM and EQUI-AEDAT .

In other words it should work like following statement :


Here if at runtime ERNAM and AEDAT has value : rsudesh 20150810 then var_string should have value " rsudesh20150810"

Here in my z table there can be any field from EQUI table . How to write the code . I don't want to use if and else to compare each field . I have tried using field symbols but its not working .

With Regards


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hi sap pm,

i am not clear what is your requirement but as per my understanding.

u can use.

loop at it_EQUI into wa_equi.

     read table it_equi into wa_equi1

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it worked . I was missing brackets while assigning the variable to field symbol .

ASSIGN (var_field) to <f> worked for me .

here var_field was having value EQUI-ERNAM .