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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to create a SalesOrder from within a VBA environment on a SAP CRM 3.1 system. There is a SalesOrderCRM object on the system but only the God and probably the SAP knows how the input_field structure of the CreateDetailMulti BAPI/Method is to be filled for the method to work properly. I've been using the CRMXIF_ORDER_SAVE to create new Sales Ordersfrom my ABAP programms it was simple, fast and worked perfectly. Now I wanted to do the same thing from a VBA enviroment but when i try to wrap the function I get this error on the SAP DCOM Connector 'Cannot map RfcType 0x1c'. Access through the "SAP.Functions" Active X control fails too. With other BAPI's I'm not having problems of any kind, they can be mapped and accesed from VBA without problems. It seems to me that the data structure of the parameter DATA is just to complex to be mapped. Does anybody has any other idea's, how is this problem to be confronted?




I'v already updated my workstation to the latest version of the librfc32.dll


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Hello Astrit,

We are also creating sales contract document (object BUS2000121) by calling crmxif_order_save in a ABAP Program but the performance is very bad for example if i have to create a sales contract document containing 1000~1200 items, the function module is taking more than 3 hours.

Have you ever faced such a performance problem?

Have you aware of any flag setting in the input data

structure of crmxif_order_save which will improve the performance?

If you have any tips then pls let me know.

Best Regards


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Hi Ravi,

I am also facing the same performance problem. I have called the CRMXIF_ORDER_SAVE through JAVA. The sales contract documents are being created but takes a lot of time. It takes almost 8 hours for 1000 documents to be created. Have you got the solution for the same.

Please reply.


Ajay Gupta

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Hello Vellanki,

I am tyring to create a quotation by using the FM CRMXIF_ORDER_SAVE but i am not getting an error messages. It would be very useful if you send me the sample code of what you had done to my mail id


Abhishek Raj