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Collection in ABAP

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Hello Friends,

Is there some kind of collection or Array concept in ABAP, Like in JAVA ( Java.util.Collection)??

In loop I want to take values 1 by 1 and store it in some kind of collection ??

Many thanks



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Hi Marek,

You can use internal tables in ABAP programming as arrays/collections.If you really want to implement a specific kind of collection like stack or map etc. you can program a class of which methods supply you the necessary element of the internal table. Otherwise you can use internal tables simply as arrays(there are also kinds of internal tables like sorted, standard and hash tables). You can find detailed info and examples about internal tables in the standard abap help.

Kind Regards,


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Can you pls specify and documentation, for using and working with Internal tables ??

Many thanks for your kind help!


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Hi Marek,

You can get all the documentation related to the Internal Tables here



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Hi Marek

As Suekrue stated, in ABAP the closest concept to an "array" is an "internal table". You can think of them as structured and semanticly-defined matrices. They are like database tables, but are not persistent i.e their lifetime is the programs' runtime.

You can define an internal table in various ways.


        <colmun_1> LIKE/TYPE <data_element/variable> ,
        <colmun_2> LIKE/TYPE <data_element/variable> ,
        <colmun_n> LIKE/TYPE <data_element/variable> ,
      END OF gt_itab .

With this data declaration, you define an internal table having n columns and several rows (row number is not indicated).

Alternatively, you can define internal table type at data dictionary and refer to them as

DATA gt_itab TYPE <DDIC_table_type> .

or you can refer a structure to be the row-type of an internal table as:

DATA gt_itab LIKE <DDIC_structure> OCCURS 0 .

However, reaching to specific records is not done directly indicating the coordinate. You read rows to a work area and reach its field by "-" operator.


READ TABLE gt_itab INTO gs_itab INDEX 5 . "read fifth row"
WRITE:/ gt_itab-<column_name> .

For more information, I strongly recommend you to inspect SAP Online Help whose address was mentioned at Sidharth's post and the book

<a href="">"ABAP Objects — The Official Reference" A comprehensive guide to all ABAP language elements</a>

by Horst Keller & Joachim Jacobitz


"ABAP Objects: Introduction to Programming SAP Applications" by Horst Keller, Sascha Kruger.


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Hi Serdar,

The link does not work for ABAP Objects — The Official Reference" A comprehensive guide to all ABAP language elements .

Can you send the document to


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Hi Fuat

I have replaced the new URL. It is the URL of SAP-Press introducing the book not of its e-book.


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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the valuable input!

I'll revert to you guys soon!

Thanks once again!

With regards,


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Hi Marek,

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Please let me know if you have any questions.