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Coding in SAP Query

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Dear Experts

I have a requirement in which I have to fetch some fields from VBAP and LIPS tables using SAP query based on a condition VBAP-VBELN = LIPS-VGBEL and VBAP-POSNR = LIPS-VGPOS. I have developed a query for the same and its working but we have a additional requirement like If more than one delivery are done for one item of SO, it is required to sum the delivery qty for the same sales order and item and then get the open qty report outside SAP system.It can be done through coding but please can any one suggest me the steps how to go about it.Thanks in advance.




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My opinion is that you should write a report program from scratch and not use ABAP query. ABAP query generates code which is not very efficient if you start to add your own code.