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Code Review Tool

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Hi Gurus,

I have a requrement to make a Code Review tool which will do SLIN check as well as

the code inspector check, in my custom program.

In my selection screen i am giving the program name ,

how can I do SLIN and Code inspector check and show results to user in list.kindly guide me the

way i can do this.



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Use Code Inspector. It includes the SLIN checks as well and presents everything nicely, it can even be enhanced with your own checks. What could be a reason to re-invent this? Nothing else to do?


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> Nothing else to do?

> Thomas

It looks like. Didnt we had the same question in ABAP general?

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you can down load file in your desktop as HTML format and send these files to your user as there are no hidden errors in your report.



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Hello Raj,

There are few companies who have developed the code review tool. Still after running tool, manual review is done as auto review gives generic kind of suggestions. This tool development had lot man hours involvement. They had taken this tool as a project and still it is not a full proof tool.

For you to do a simple way is have a report with selection screen which will accept the input parameter as program name. Inside your report have BDC written to run code inspector through SE38 skipping the first screen. Show code inspector results. After that you can show a SQL trace transaction screen (for which again you will have a BDC call)... etc

Thank You,


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Yes in sap you can add your rules in slin check and syntax check..ex. declaratino fo variable start from g

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Hi Raj,

We had a requirement similar to yours.

Use Function module 'EXTENDED_PROGRAM_CHECK' for slin checks and


Go to the program RSUNISCAN_FINAL and debug .

Check the ttransaction UCCHECK.

You will find a lot of information.