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Code for Check Box in ALV Grid Display output

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Can please give some sample code to get the check boxes in the output of an LAV Grid display.

This check boxes should be editable.

Thanks and regrads


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hi vamshi,

fill the field cat column as

wa_fieldcat-col_pos = '1'.

wa_fieldcat-tabname = 'IT_OUTPUT'.

wa_fieldcat-fieldname = 'CHECKBOX'.

wa_fieldcat-checkbox = 'X'.

  • wa_fieldcat-input = 'X'.

wa_fieldcat-edit = 'X'.

wa_fieldcat-outputlen = 3.

wa_fieldcat-coltext = 'Chk'.

wa_fieldcat-just = 'X'.

to get checkbox .

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Declare one filed as check box in your final table with length 1.

While populating this field in field cat, set the value 'X' for field check box and edit.

wa_fieldcat-checkbox = c_x.

wa_fieldcat-edit = c_x.

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Hello vamshi,

The below code is for check box implementation for ALV tree ( although it is not related to your question, but I am sure you also need it in the future

lt_item_layout TYPE lvc_t_layi,
        ls_item_layout TYPE lvc_s_layi,
        is_last_level TYPE abap_bool.

        ls_item_layout-fieldname = mv_tree->c_hierarchy_column_name.
        ls_item_layout-style   = cl_gui_column_tree=>style_intensifd_critical.
        ls_item_layout-class = cl_gui_column_tree=>item_class_checkbox.
        ls_item_layout-editable = 'X'.

Best Regards,