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co11n custom field not updated in afru table

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Hi All ,

    This is Sudhir S . I am stuck up with an requirement. The custom field which I created in CO11N is not getting updated in AFRU table .

Using append structure I added a zfield in AFRU table and created the field in the screen using the user exit CONFPP07 in screen number 900.It got reflected on the screen .

But while trying to save after clicking the good movement push button and entering the respective details I am not able to update in AFRU table .

Help me with your answers.

With Regards ,

Sudhir S


Active Contributor
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Have you passed the value of your field in EXIT_SAPLCORU_S_101 to AFRUD?

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Hi vinit,

   I have not passed . I tried but didn't happen ....

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HI Vinit,

  I wrote this code in EXIT_SAPLCORU_S_100

DATA : imp_afrud TYPE afrud,
        afru(4) value 'AFRU'.

CLEAR :imp_afrud.


EXPORT imp_afrud FROM is_afrud TO MEMORY ID afru .

I wrote the below code in EXIT_SAPLCORU_S_101

DATA : lv_zzmcsn TYPE afru-zzmcsn,
        exp_afrud TYPE afrud,
        mid(4) VALUE 'ZID1',
        afru(4) value 'AFRU'.

CLEAR : lv_zzmcsn.

IMPORT lv_zzmcsn FROM MEMORY ID mid.

CLEAR :exp_afrud.

IMPORT exp_afrud FROM MEMORY ID afru .

exp_afrud-zzmcsn = lv_zzmcsn.

MOVE-CORRESPONDING exp_afrud TO es_afrud.
CLEAR exp_afrud.

Kindly suggest how to proceed ?

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Instead doing import export define work area in include ZXCOFTOP

Exit Name : CONFPP07


move is_afrud to wa_afrud.


move wa_afrud-YOUR FIELD to es_afrud-YOURFIELD.

Now in Exit : EXIT_SAPLCORF_105





Hope this will work.

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Hi Vinit,

    I tried as you suggested but it did'nt work . I am also calling a badi called WORKORDER_GOODSMVT in this I use the second method goods_receipt for automating the batch number .

in this Goods_receipt method I have an importing parameter it_confirmations which is of the type TY_T_AFRUD.

While debugging when I click the good movement tab after enter value in the custom field it is not getting updated in this it_confirmations importing parameter .

I have attached screen shot for your reference.

Kindly help me on this , I am debugging the standard to know how things happen.

Thanks in adavance ,

Sudhir S

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Have you checked EXIT_SAPLCORU_S_101 is getting triggered? Have you activated both project, and the exits? And assigned enhancement to project CONFPP07 CONFPP05

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Hi Vinit ,

    All the user exits I have kept in the same project and I have used break username . Break point is triggering for it.

With Regards,

Sudhir S

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Try to debug and check what is happening after this exit. Is your value being populated in es_afrud

move wa_afrud-YOUR FIELD to es_afrud-YOURFIELD.

It should work.