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Dear experts,

<< Removed >>

Exception condition "CNTL_ERROR" raised.

Error analysis

A RAISE statement in the program "CL_GUI_CFW----

CP " raised the


condition "CNTL_ERROR".



CP " or "CL_GUI_CFW--

CM00P "







Actually previously i used CL_GUI_CFW----

CP - FLUSH method . it has given dump so i cahnged it to UPDATE_VIEW method.

this is also giving the same dump. so i got the note ( 0000701124 ) from one of the threads but the note saying to enter some values in RSPROCESSTYPES table from sm30. but the table not exists in r/3. so how to apply this note. if this can done by basis, is this issue resolves. and if i applies the note does it impact anywhere. since update_view method is also used in CL_GUI_ALV_GRID class.

Edited by: Rob Burbank on Jun 29, 2010 4:27 PM


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Have u upgraded your GUI recently?

Is there any diff in the version of your GUI logon pad and system GUI?

Please check. These kind of errors you get becaz of GUI version conflict.

Thanks and Regards,


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Dear Chandra,

Thanks for ur quick reply.

actually we are using saplogon640 and saplogon710. in both we are facing the same problem. how to check the system gui.

and if there is any version conflict how to rectify the error. if i apply the note 701124 . will it rectify my problem without effecting any other programs.

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This problem can be solved. You can check your gui patch on logon page.

Click the "SAP Logon Information(A)...".

You can check GUI patch.

If you upgrade GUI patch, the problem will be solved, in my opinion.

I had same problem, I upgraded GUI patch, and the problem was solved,

I hope this reply helpful to you.