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Cloud BAdI replacement for BADI_SLS_HEAD_SCR_CUS?

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Hello Experts,

We need to create an additional tab on the sales order header screen (VA01). We have found a BAdI for that BADI_SLS_HEAD_SCR_CUS. This BAdI has not been released yet to be used in ABAP Cloud versions.

Is there any replacement for the above BAdI?


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi @Chennupati_Vidyadhari ,

You can create Custom field using Fiori app 'Custom Fields' with Business Context: Sales: Sales Document and To display custom fields on sales document headers (in VA01/02/03), you must first enable them in the Custom Fields app for the Create, Change, or Display Sales Documents (Header) UI using the business context Sales: Sales Document.


These custom fields can be found in the header details on the Custom Fields tab of apps for creating, changing, and displaying sales documents


And properties for the custom field can be added using below available BADI's for the same Business Context


Hope this helps. Please approve the answer if it answers your query.

Thanks and Regards,

Prabha A

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Thank you. I can able to add the custom fields in VA01 using the custom fields and logic app. I am working on adding logic to ensure that the custom field values update certain values on the payment cards tab of VA01. Could this be possible with the implementation of custom fields logic?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello Experts,

Can we add buttons in the additional tab created by custom fields and logic app. If that's not possible, Is there any alternative for this?

Thanks in advance,