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Clone a server, set new IP and computer name for testing of recovery

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I have setup SAP R/3 on a server on Windows 2003 Server with Oracle9i R2. I cloned the harddisk using Ghost. I inserted the cloned harddisk to another server when identical hardware as the original server. I changed the fixed IP of the cloned server and SAP R/3 works perfectly.

I would like to change the Computer Name, but after changing the computer name, Oracle Agent could not be started. I resolved the starting of Oracle Agent by removing the *.q files in C:\oracle\ora92\network\agent

However, I could not start SAP R/3 Management Console successfully. Does anyone know how to change the computer name of a server so that SAP R/3 will start successfully.


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Hi Freddy,

I have also use the same approach for making my SAP DR up.

But what i done was i am assigning the same hostname and same ip but put that server on different network then my prodcution server and it is working fine.

so put u r newly created server on different network and use it.

O/W i dont think is there any way to change the HOSTNAME in SAP ..bcoz it was asked during the installation of SAP.....

if you find any other solutiion then please let us know..